vrijdag 16 april 2010

Rob and Tale's cycling tour ...

Each year in april Rob has a congress in Maastricht. Last year was the first time Rob and his friend Tale decided to make a cycling tour through Belgium and Zeeland (Netherlands), starting in Maastricht. So this year they decided to do it again. The weather was good, sunny, a little bit cold, only ........... lots of wind. On the Zeeland-bridge (5km long) they had wind force 6 ahead. The tour took 5 days: 401 km (249 miles), in 29 hours and 18 minutes. They stayed in B&B and Youth Hostels. By the way, you can be over 30, to stay in a Youth Hostel.
And what did I do this week ..... well I tied a lot of knots. Thursday I was ready. Now I'm busy with the binding.

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