zondag 11 april 2010

A long walk with Paco ...

Rob is cycling with his friend Tale through Belgium and Zeeland (Netherlands), he will be home on tuesday. So I'm alone, and that means I have the whole house covered with quiltingstuff. Well my life isn't only about quilting. And although the weather wasn't perfect (windy, cloudy and cold) Paco and I decided for a long walk (about 8,5 miles). There is a lot to see during the walk.

2 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

Tried to Skype, but you aren't 'turned on'. House exchange pictures got posted today. Keep your fingers crossed. Now tell about the walk: what do the red and white stripe on the tree mean? I'm sure Paco was overjoyed with all that walking and freedom. Now to lay in the chair and watch you tie?

Jantine zei

Wat een heerlijke foto's. Het was misschien niet super warm, maar vast erg lekker om buiten te lopen! Ik zat aan huis gekluisterd met een man de hort op en een kind goed ziek ;-(