zondag 25 april 2010

1440 minutes to go....

.... it's going slowly but steady. Yeah, if you choose for handquilting, you need lots and lots of time. Well I'm not in a hurry but my goal is to finish this quilt before my summerholiday starts (lucky my summerholiday is in september : ).

Today, for the first time we can say "spring is coming". It's lovely weather so I'm outside with my quilt. To give you an idea about the amount of work: 110 blocks and 4 borders, each block takes about 45 minutes handquilting. So with 78 blocks finished, I and my friends Dieuwke and Willemijn spend 3510 minutes (59 hours) of quilting, ............ stil 1440 minutes to go for the last 32 blocks.

3 opmerkingen:

^A^ngel zei

That's a LOT of minutes!! but you'll get there and of course if going to be beutiful!!... Did you recive my envelope?



Nana's Quilts zei

Where is the patio? Is that at your summer home? Or is that Dieuwke's achter tuin? Good work, my dear!

ballardquilter zei

The quilt is looking great. I sat outside this weekend and quilted as well. Quilting adapts to any type of weather.