zondag 23 augustus 2009

Working on my American Quilt

Back home, I started working on my American Quilt (when I was in september 2008 at Marne, I got 30 fat quarters from her Quiltbee Stashbusters), I finished the last 25 blocks.

The challenge for me was to use them all in one quilt. In March 2009 when Marne was in The Hague, I decided to make this patron, 145 blocks "puss in the corner". The top now is: 85 inch x 68 inch (2m15 x 1m72). But it isn't finished it needs a sashing and a border, so I think it will be big enough for our bed.

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Nana's Quilts zei

Georgous. Gee that looks great. I realized after I Skyped you were off with Dieuwke. Hope you had a great time. Will try to catch up sometime before we arrive home. We leave Michigan on Sunday, 30 August. Should be home in about 10-12 days (we aren't hurrying).M