maandag 10 augustus 2009

Asian Quilt

I'm not sure if Asian is my style, but I like to experiment. Just try new things. And I must say I think this worked out very well. So maybe try again. Not sure if I will keep the quilt or give it somebody special.

The story of this quilt
Last year when I was with Marne in Seattle I got these Asian blocks from Marne (I think she got them from Ronda, but I'm not sure). In the Shibori Dragon (doesn't that sound as a fantastic name for a Quiltshop) in Lakewood I bought the black and red fabric. I started the top, and there it was waiting for me. It only needed borders. Yesterday I finished the top and made the sandwich. Now it's time to decide about the quilting. I think I prefer handquilting. I'm not sure what colour I will use, or wich design. Maybe I will use my Dragon Fly template. Well if you have a good idea about colours and templates let me know. Decisions, decisions to make....