zondag 2 augustus 2009

Miss Bennet

I'm real fan of the book, film and tv-serie "Pride and Prejudice" written by Jane Austen. The book is situated in England, a little village on the country-side around 1820. Mr. and Mrs Bennet have 5 daughters, so it's very important they will be married as soon as possible.


Miss "Elizabeth" Bennet, the second daughter, is the main person in the book. So a quilt named "Miss Bennet" is something for me.

I bought the kit in Tilburg. Last friday Dieuwke, Willem (her 6,5 year old son) and I went to Tilburg to do some quilting stuff. I think I left Dotty's shop (Dorry van Beers) with much more than I needed, but wich real quilter really needs new fabrics?

2 opmerkingen:

Dorry zei

Hello Carolien,

It was a pleasure having you over! Hope you have fun with all your goodies!


Nana's Quilts zei

How lovely that she looked on your blog and took the time to comment. Great fun. And yes, of course, you need lots of new fabrics. It keeps your mind working!