vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

Translating from Spanish to Dutch ....

Isn't the internet fantastic. As I told you I'm in a Angel Stitchery swap with a lady from Chile. She writes in Spanish and with this programm I can even translate it to dutch.

She's is living in the North of Chile (Chili in dutch) in a town called Iquique. Chile is a republic, Michelle Bachelet is the first female president. The capital is Santiago.

Although as well in the Netherlands as in Chile live about 16 million people, we're pretty crowded because we have 397/km2 (0,6 square mile), in Chile only live 22/km2. Lots op space.

Here is an impression of Iquique, I found some pictures on the internet. The climate in the North of Chile is a "desert climate" completely the opposite of the Netherlands where we have a " seaclimate".

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