vrijdag 12 september 2014

Wedding anniversary

Yesterday Rob and I had our wedding anniversary, 17 years married. It's amazing. We didn't do any special. The last days we had a house full of guests (about 6-8 each evening for dinner), so now it's just the four of us (Marne, Elaine, Rob and me), and of course Mies. She is a really happy dog now, Rob is back from is cycling tour, so she didn't destroy anymore Hema underwear.

We had a quiet evening, made a leftover dinner and watched episode 5 of the great british bake off.

Marne and I will do the technical challenge today: Oatmeal cranberry cookies! BAKE.

We will keep you informed.

With my parents.

2 opmerkingen:

bep zei

Carolien, maken jullie er nog maar heel veel gelukkige jaartjes van,geniet van elkaar,

Yvonne zei

Nog vele jaren samen gewenst.