zondag 7 september 2014

Delftse Pauw : dutch pottery

With all those american friends in and around the house you explore new things in your own country. 

One of them was visiting the Factory “de Paauw”, established in 1650. Just one 9 kilometers from our house. The tour (in english ; ), was very interesting.  http://www.delftpottery.com/. 


History about the Delftware
In Delft, in the seventeenth century 32 factories were producing Delftware, among them factory "de Paauw". These factories were often established in beer breweries which had stopped their production.
In the nineteenth century due to competition from other factories and lack of innovations, the highlight of Delftware had come to a close. Nowadays in Delft only a few companies still produce the entirely hand painted traditional Delftware. One of these companies is "de Delftse Pauw".
"Delft Pottery de Delftse Pauw” exclusively produces and sells entirely hand-painted Delftware which is a unique approach.

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