zaterdag 10 maart 2012

Doggie fabrics and apples

Well there is not much going on here about quilting. Two projects, but they're going slowly.

Well what's taking so much of my  time then? Work and excercise, I have a rather busy fitnessprogramm at the moment to get me back on my feet completely. And with the economic crisis here in the Netherlands work asks a lot of attention, new challenges are waiting. So the quiltprojects as we say in dutch are "in the freezer" at the moment.

Next saturday Paco (our 12 year old dog with hernia) starts his hydrotherapy (swimming). It will be very interesting to see if he likes it in a clean warm swimmingpool. He likes to swim but normally he prefers a mixture of water and mud. But we hope it will help him to recover as good as possible. We don't want him to go to through the whole process of sugeries, so this seems the best way to give him a good chance. 

2 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

I especially love your apple cores. That is lovely. And of course, your dogs are quite fun.

Petra zei

Het gaat vast een stuk beter met je want je bent weer creatief. Ik liep een beetje achter met lezen omdat ik zelf grote oogproblemen had. Gelukkig is het (voorlopig) weer over en kon ik een hoop berichten bij je lezen. Ik mail je van het weekend. Hou je haaks en groetjes,