donderdag 15 maart 2012

15 march 1967 (45 years ago)

 Well it was wednesday, a cloudy day, with only 2.2 hours of sunshine, a  little bit of rain. The temperature was 7.3 C (44.6 F).

The Beatles recorded the song "within you without you" that day for their album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club band.

Iaoko Takeuch a famous japanese manga artist was also born on this day,  never heard of her ; ).

Train tourism in the Netherlands was very populair according the newspaper. There was the Softenon-scandal, and a washing machine costed 1145 dutch guilders (about 500 euro). In the cinema they played the film Tobroek with Rock Hudson. A very popular comic in the newspaper was "Suske and Wiske". Somebody in Drachten spotted an UFO and somebody else spotted a white-sided dolphin along the dutch coast. What an exciting day.

Well, happy birthday to everyone who is also born on the 15th of march.

3 opmerkingen:

Josee zei

Van harte met je verjaardag, een fijne zonnige dag gewenst.
Hartelijke groet van een andere Residentie bewoner.

Nana's Quilts zei

What a cute little girl!!!!! And those wonderful roses and the cake looks heel lekker! Lucky you. Happy day. Hope it was a great one!

Joke zei

Iets te laat, maar alsnog van harte!