zondag 26 februari 2012

Bonnie's garden

Dieuwke is on her way to the south of France, she even took her bathing suite with her.

No quiltbee and no  "Little house on the prairie" this week, we started season 3 last week.

But she left me this book as an early birthday present: "Bonnie's Garden", "Le Jardin de Bonnie". It's really my style, I love the applique. And I couldn't resist making this project "A little birdie told me'', not too complicated  not too much work.

Things are a little bit "strange" at home, with our little four-legged friend Paco having a hernia. He seems to recover pretty well, but he has to stay in his basket for two weeks. Not easy for such an active dog as Paco, although he's almost 12 years old.

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Nana's Quilts zei

Very cute. I hope I can get started on an Easter Egg piece. I will send photos - new projects for spring.

ballardquilter zei

Colby sends hugs and kisses to Paco.
It is hard being an old dog.