zaterdag 15 oktober 2011

More bits and pieces

Grace's quilt
I think it's still amazing, more bits and pieces about Grace's quilt and her life are coming to me. Susan (Grace's granddaughter) and Doris (her daughter), you know I met them in july here in the Netherlands, are a wonderful help. Without them I couldn't do this, and write my paper. And of course  don't forget Marne!!! She all started this with buying quilttop on superfluity, and got us all connected. Together we're trying to documentate as much information as we can.

Winnie's sewing basket
More family history
Grace's mother was Winnie. In the family they say that Winnie was the real quilter in the family. Her favorite pattern was "Bow-tie". So all her quilts are made with the bow-tie pattern. This quilt she made for Susan in the 50s, it's all hand-pieced.
Sitting in her rocking chair with her sewing basket, sewing quilt blocks. That's how Susan remember her great-grandmother Winnie.

If you want to see Grace's quilt, and hear more about her life, come to Atelier Bep on the 27th november.

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Wish we could be there. I'm sure it will be marvelous. Say Hi to Bep from me.