zondag 16 oktober 2011

Baseball, the dutch won!!!

 What has quilting to do with baseball. Well, on my first (quilting)trip to Marne and Elaine I went to a baseball game. Wich is really impressive!!!!

The Seattle Mariners against the New York Yankees. I'm not really a baseball fan, but sometimes when there is a baseball game on TV (wich is rather rare in the Netherlands) I have a look. This morning I was up early, skyping with Marne, put on the TV, and I accidently saw the final of the World Championship,
the Netherlands against Cuba. And what was more amazing we defeated Cuba.

 It was the first time since 1938 that an European Country won. Sorry no picutres of the dutch team, with all those copy rights and law suits, you have to be careful. So just pictures of my first baseball game.

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Nana's Quilts zei

Elaine says maybe we will start rooting for the Netherlands team because the Mariners are not worth all the money they are earning. Fun memories.