maandag 31 oktober 2011

Happy Birthday

My mum became 69 years last monday, and my dad had his 70th birthday yesterday.

Time for a party with family and friends. The weather was lovely so beside eating and drinking, we did a little "historical" walk in the surroundings with my dad as a tour guide.

And of course, worthwile to mention: The Granddad and Grandma Quiz. Thomas (their eldes grandson) read the questions. Unfortunetaley they didn't win the first prize (weekend to Paris), but the second prize: a flight with an airballoon. And after 46 years of marriage my mum still didn't know the favorite food of my dad, one of the questions of our quiz. It's "apple paste", and not kidney beans with bacon ; ). More Photos.

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ballardquilter zei

What a lovely party. Best wishes to the birthday couple. Did you make them some birthday quilts?

Petra zei

Van harte gefeliciteerd! Groetjes, Petra