donderdag 22 juli 2010

What women want!

A quiltshop?

Dieuwke and I went to Amsterdam yesterday. It was quite some time ago, that we went for Quiltshopping together. I think the last time was Seattle. So we took off a day from work and there we went. Not that we needed anything very urgent, except for some quiltthread and some fabric for a binding.

We ended up only with a few things more then we put on our list, like books and the panel "Three of life".
The Haan & Wagenmaker (owner Petra Prins) is a really nice quiltshop, they got a very special collection dutch fabrics, and a very good collection of reproduction fabrics. We took some of our quilts with us, Dieuwke some reproduction quilts she made, and I some of my antique quilts. So we had a little show-and-tell downstairs. Petra is really interested in antique quilts. Her friend Mary Koval is giving a lecture in august in Zutphen.

We spend two hours in the quiltshop, then went home and spend the rest of the afternoon quilting. Of course I had to try my new purple quiltthread, for my "Spakenburger Quilt".

What's next on the quiltagenda:
25 july, Masterclass Kaffe Fassets in Deventer
28 aug, lecture of Mary Koval in Zutphen
14-16 october, Sewing Expo Rotterdam
september 2011, St. Marie aux Mines

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