dinsdag 27 juli 2010

Kaffe Fassett Masterclass (4)

I'm still in a kind of "Kaffe Fassett flow".

Our diningroom has designwall now. Lucky we have high ceilings. Because this quilt will be 2m30 x 2m50. Rob made some curtain rods on the wall. At the Ikea I bought 4 fleece blankets and turned them into made one big curtain. The curtain can easily be removed, or moved to one side. But first finishing my quilt, I think that will take a few weeks!!!!

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Jeltje at 100 rozen zei
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Jeltje at 100 rozen zei

Hi Carolien,
ga je niet een beetje hard? Ontzettend bedankt voor de foto-link. Je moeder kan vrijdag de stofjes ophalen hoor, ze liggen klaar voor je.