maandag 19 juli 2010

Grandmother's Flower Garden

There is my 'new quilttop" hanging in our diningroom. Grandmother's flower garden what a lovely name to give to a quiltpattern.

I bought this quilt in the USA, and it was delivered a few days ago. I'm very happy that it arrived safely. And it looks fantastic.

I would date this quilt around 1930's, because it got lots of feedsacks in it. Can you imagine, during the great depression, our grandmothers sewing together, using scraps from their scrapbaskets.

The earliest know American made hexagon quilt is dated 1807. These quilts have their roots in England, as far back as in the 18th century, that's why we still call it English Paperpiecing.

Godey's Ladies Book, founded in 1830, published the hexagon pattern in 1835. It is thought to be the first pieced quilt pattern published in America. All things English were emulated by cultured American women during this period and making hexagon quilts was very popular in England.

Godey's Lady's Book was one of the most popular lady's books of the 19th century. Each issue contained poetry, beautiful engraving and articles by some of the most well known authors in America.

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