zaterdag 17 oktober 2009

Fabrics, Cessius, Tilda, bookcover .....

Friday I finished the baby-quilt for Cessius. Cessius is the baby of our neighbours downstairs, and was born about 8 weeks ago. Because of my whooping cough, we had to wait. I wasn't complete satisfied with the quilt, it needed something, so I put his name on it, to make it very special.

Thursday I found suprise in my mailbox, a big envelop with fabrics from Marne, I think they're lovely to make a country X-mas quilt. I just bought a book today, 301 blocks for X-mas. I'm not sure I will finish it this year : ).

In The Hague, you can find cheap quiltbooks here, or order them.

I made some little things the last couple of weeks. One of the things I finished and gave to my friend Yolande is this note-book cover. It's very easy to make, on the blog Abyquilt you can download the pattern.
I was just thinking of a list of all the projects I have to show you from the last couple of weeks. I really was in a kind of Tilda mood. So next week I will show you pictures of my Tilda collection:

- bears
- bath-angel
- angel
- wall hanger
- mailbag
- quilt on the sofa
and my personal favorite the reindeer.