maandag 5 oktober 2009

Chandeliers and pajamas bags

Last year (october) we moved to our new house, we (especially Rob and his oncle) did a lot of DIY, and then it was finished. But no lamp in the living-room. It took us almost a year to find the right lamp. And there, in a very small shop in Putten, I fell in love with this Chandelier.

Oke, the weekend wasn't all about chandeliers. I did some quilting. I worked on my X-mas wall hanger, pictures will follow later, and I made two pajamasbags for my little nieces Esmee (1 year) and Sofie (4 years). Of course in their favorite colour ROSE.
The free pattern you can find on: YOURZOAP (hobby --> werkbeschrijvingen). Yourzoap is lovely little shop in Lelystad with a big collection of Tilda-fabrics. The pattern is in dutch but here are the instructions and sizes in english:
The original sizes are:
55 x inches x 16 inches (A)
55 inches x 8 inches (B)
39 inches of ribbon
55 inches of bias tape
I used the sizes:
55 inches x 18 inches (A)
55 inches x 6 inches (B)
39 inches of ribbon
Cut the fabrics, take the smaller piece of fabric (B) and either put bias tape along one of the long edges [to finish that edge smoothly] or use a second piece of fabric to make to make a lining. I personally prefer to use lining.
Then the wrong side of fabric B goes against the right side of fabric (A). Sew some lines through both pieces to make sections in the smaller piece. Fold the whole thing together and sew it up to make a bag. Make a casing to insert the ribbon around the top to close the bag. Good luck.

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