zondag 11 oktober 2009

Doll Exhibition

Saturday Granny (Rob his grandmother, 83 years old) and I went to the doll-exhibition in Rijswijk. We had a lovely time. She's a dollmaker and she needed a little wig for one for her new projects. I especially liked the doll-houses and furniture. I was really tempted to buy a big Doll-house, but instead I bought this little wooden shop, to make a quiltshop. Granny already started making little roles of fabric. Isn't it cute!!!!!

3 opmerkingen:

Odette zei

Hola amiga que bien lo han pasado juntas viendo esa exibicion....son tan reales que tuve que mirar bien varias veces...seguro que tu quiltshop va a quedar muy bonita.
Nunca he visto uno de esos animalitos de en vivo y en directo....me imagino que alla donde vives son muy comunes.
Te dejo un abrazo con muchos cariƱos para ti

Petra zei

I love this quiltshop. Are you going yo make mini mini quilts to hang in there?

Marianne zei

Wat geweldig leuk zeg. Ik zit hele,aal te kwijlen!