zaterdag 26 juli 2008

Spakenburg, quilt exhibition

Yesterday I went to Spakenburg to the Traditional Costume and Fishery Museum. As a good dutch girl I used my bike (it's about 15 miles cycling from our summerhouse). The museum is very good, it's small, but they have a beautyfull collection of more than 120 dolls, wich gives an impression of the history of the traditional costume, childs clothes, christening dresses, mariages costumes and mourning clothes. For example, black clothes are for the widow, deep purple clothes are for the aunts, light purple for the nieces etc. depending how close you're related. (I got a private tour) . The quilt-exhibition is also special, most of the quilts are made of authentic-Spakenburg traditional costume fabrics. And of course there is a shop where you can buy fabrics. So if you're around it's certainly worth visiting.

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Earth blog zei

Hi nice blog! Can you maybe put my blog on your link list?

Karen zei

So great that you were able to get such a tour through the museum! Especially after biking all that way. I really like your lizard quilt you made for your friend, it turned out beautifully!

Janaina zei

Definetly worths the visit! Amazing! =)