zondag 20 juli 2008

It's a small world

In the Netherlands we're still looking for the summer. It's 16C and raining, this picture shows the view from our summerhouse at 14.00, it's dark and cold outside. Time to have some fun with the computer. Last weekend Marne installed skype, and this weekend Jacqueline also bought a webcam and installed skype. Now, we can chat as long as we want, and can see each other. Marne gave me a tour through her camper. Can you believe it, she thousands of miles away, and it's like she on the other side of the room. Yesterday evening Marne, Jacqueline and I had a conference call, so the three of us all in different places could chat with each other. Maybe we can start a "digital" quiltbee ; ). If you're interested in free phonecalls http://www.skype.com/.

2 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

You girls did make a mess but it looks like you had great fun. I was very happy to know that the snowman fabric was with you. I knew that I had bought some and then I could not find it.

And this skype is GREAT!


Anoniem zei

hallo caro,

is het goed als ik jou atach? Ik vind jou blog heel mooi. Ik ben helemaal verslaafd aan Tilda, maar ben wel van plan ook met Quilten te beginnen. Lachen.