vrijdag 4 juli 2008

Meet our new friends!

They are just living outside our summerhouse, they like to walk, and are very interested in food.

There are a lot of wild hogs in the Netherlands and especially on the Veluwe (in the middle of the Netherlands). Most of the time they try to avoid people. Wild hogs are not really dangerous because most of the time when they see or hear people they run away, only in springtime when they having their babies they can be more agressive. As you can see those two are an exception on the rules.

3 opmerkingen:

parelhagedis zei

To be clear, Caroline, did you or Rob, take this picture of these rummagers? What ever, they are very cute! (And I'm a little bit jealous you have seen these funny creatures).

Bye bye Tale

holly zei

What crazy looking little guys. They don't look too scared. Thanks for visiting my site.

Anoniem zei



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