zaterdag 30 januari 2016

Bloggersbee in Katwijk

The lady who made this possible YVONNE!
Fun.. fun ....more fun ..... quiltfun. Second time I was at the Bloggersbee in Katwijk organised by Yvonne. Just have an impression by looking at the pictures.

I had great time.

Next year ready ; ), I'm not sure if I said that the year before as well. 

Yvonne all gave us a pattern to make a mug for your quiltstuff.
Lunch is a potluck. Well I can tell you there was more then enough.

Isn't it cute? Made by Debby.

Marielle is making a bird quilt with paper piecing. The 'vlaamse gaai' is her favorite, but I adore the 'winterkoninkje'.
After lunch we did a show-and-tell. So fun to see everybodies projects.

Last year (2015) I did my show-and-tell of my antique quilts and quilttops. That's how it all started. In the mean time I did several show-and-tells, and several show-and-tells are planned for 2016. And of course not to forget my own apron pattern.

Nelleke from Almelo showing her quilt. She drove two hours through the rain to come to Katwijk.

Marja showed several of her finished quilts. You know there are quilters that just have one or two unfinished projects. They start a quilt finish it. I'm so jealous. I think I'm more at the Top 10 of undisciplined quilters, always having my head full with plans and ideas.



CU somewhere in quiltland!
2015 (my show-and-tell)

6 opmerkingen:

Yvonne zei

Supergezellig dat je er weer bij was! Op naar nr zes!

carina zei

Wat een quilt productie:):) leuk

Ageeth Dorsman zei

Ik heb nog even zitten nagenieten door jouw blogje, met de foto's van al het moois, dat voorbij kwam. Het was een heerlijke dag, en ook erg leuk en vooral heel inspirerend om jou weer te hebben gesproken. En je quilt met de rouwstofjes is supermooi!!!
Groetjes van Ageeth

Bed, breakfast en quilts zei

Gezellige foto's van een gezellige dag!

Patricia zei

Wat leuk om je weer gezien te hebben en wat wordt jouw quilt prachtig ! Ik was er echt van onder de indruk, wat een beauty !!

Nana's Quilts zei

It certainly does look like you had a terrific time. Oh these quilters, If we had only known where it would lead all those years ago on the train platform in den Haag - some lovely, crazy quilters.