vrijdag 22 januari 2016

Again Featherweight Day at Atelier Bep

Priscilla and me
I'm not sure how many FW-days there have been.... but I know for sure I haven't missed a Featherweight Day.

What can you tell about it this time what you don't know?

There are 25 FW-girls and one man (Gert).

We are stuffed in the livingroom and kitchen, it always fits perfectly.

My favorite place is the kitchen in front of the fireplace.

Bep always has a little project that we make.

For some reason I never finish my project. Too busy with talking ... maybe? Some shopping.

Sold three patterns of my apron.
Well put me on the list for next time.

1 opmerking:

martine zei

Wat een mooie witte Featherweight heb jij.
Die staat ook nog op mijn verlanglijst.
En je Dickens jurk is prachtig geworden.