zondag 11 januari 2015

'Stormy' weekend

Preparations: Granny is coming!
There is a storm blowing over the Netherlands this weekend. Especially along the coast (where we live) the gale force is about  9.

But who care if you'are a quilter. Rob picked his granny up in Amsterdam to spend some quilting time in The Hague.

Quilthoeve in Naaldwijk

Granny want to make a 4 patch table-runner, but of course she didn't had the right fabrics.So we drove to the Quilthoeve in Naaldwijk. What a suprise, we met Ted Storm there.

Ted and granny
Ted Storm is probably one the most famous dutch quilters. In 2007 she won an important price in Houston with her quilt: Spring of desire (Bron van verlangen). The quilt is rarely seen at exhibitions, so it was real surprise to meet her at te Quilthoeve.

The quilt measures: 80 x 80. She found inspiration in the bridal handkerchief of her great-great grandmother. According to Holland's tradition a bride should carry a handkerchief when she gets married.

The entire is handmade, it took her four years to finish. What an inspiration is this quilt!!!

 And there was Willy Alers, I didn't know her, but I admired the scrap quilt on the table. So I signed up for a workshop on saturday the 14th of March. You can make it by hand or machine. I think I will try to make it with machine. It's a very good quilt to use up all your scraps.

 Granny bought this lovely rose fabrics, she gonna make a tablerunner with four patches.

Very busy!!!

Of course I also have several projects to keep myself busy. There is my 4-patch at the point. I made three bags for french bread. There are so funny to make. The one with the chicken is in my kitchen.

Two little quilts, little gifts for friends.

And you know what ...... quilting makes hungry.

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Nana's Quilts zei

I guess somehow I missed some of this. I only saw part. The piece by Ted Storn is just breathtaking! Wow!