maandag 19 januari 2015

For the fifth time: Featherweight Day

Maybe you get bored with pictures of feather weights and food ..... well I think the feather weight is great.

Again a lovely day at Atelier Bep.
And a very special on it's the fifth meeting of the Featherweight Club.

Thank you Bep and Gerard for your great hospitality!!!!

Getting up very early on sunday morning 7 am, brr brr. But the weather forecast wasn't looking to good: wet snow, rain, more rain, snow. But what can stop a quilter from going to the Feather Weight Day? Maybe a hurricane.

It was a lonely sunday morningdrive over the high way: 1h40 minutes, the only other drivers were probably going to Bep as well.

It was really cozy, in her big kitchen, close to the stove, all those machines making nice noises...... and of course there was Francine (our technical expert) to help us with little problems. Like me, putting my needle the wrong way into the machine ; ).

I haven't finished my little project yet, but it's almost done. Most of the time I'm too busy chatting, walking around in her little shop and drinking tea with carrot-cake.

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Yvonne zei

Ziet er weer heel gezellig uit Caroline!

Nana's Quilts zei

I have such nice memories of our Featherweight day and Bep's amazing house and garden. Those reds look lovely in her shop. What did you buy?