maandag 29 december 2014

X-mas time

We hardly have been home the last 5 days, that's why I didn't do any blogging. On X-mas eve I went to the Gospel Choir in the Church here, just around the corner. It was very cheerful.
In the Netherlands we have two X-mas days called: First X-mas day and Second X-mas day, which is good, because they are free days from work.

We had a quiet morning unwrapping our X-mas gifts from overseas. Thank you it was really fun.

On thursday afternoon we drove to our friends in Leiderdorp for a 'traditionally' x-mas meal 'gourmetten'. Real fun, gathered with 8 people around the baking plate.

Rob had a new shirt.
Friday morning off we were, driving to my parents close to Deventer. My brother and sister-in-law with there three kids joined us there. In the afternoon a family X-mas tradition: the  'nativity scene' (kerststal) in Joppe. When I was a little child we went there with my grandmothers. Now my own mum, goes there with her grandchildren. I adore the camel and the donkey. Cute isn't it.

Relaxing with a drink!!
Don't you love our new slippers we had for X-mas.
My cute little X-mas tree at home!
Nathaniel, 7 years old, he adores this suit, and he really to wear to show granny.
Promise, Nathaniel, granny and Chris

I hope you had a lovely X-mas  as well, and enjoyed it just as much as we did,  with family and friends and old traditions.

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Nana's Quilts zei

Nathaniel is just precious in his suit. He really looks quite handsome. And of course, we love Grandma traditions.

Nana's Quilts zei

P.S. Rob's new shirt is quite handsome, too!