vrijdag 19 december 2014

X-mas markets in Germany

Den Haag - Wetzlar - Regenburg - Koblenz - back home.

Wonderful days we spend with our friends Hubert and Sabine in Regensburg.

Although we come there many years, each time it feels so good to walk through the Streets of Regensburg.

A medieval city between the rivers Danube and Regen. Also called Ratisbon or Ratisbonne. Between 1135 and 1146, the Stone bridge across the Danube/Donau was built at Regensburg. This bridge opened major international trade routes between northern Europe and Venice, and this began Regensburg's golden age as a residence of wealthy trading families. Regensburg became the cultural centre of southern Germany and was celebrated for its gold work and fabrics.

Here lives Wademar, Wurstkuchl dog, in and around the Wurstkuchl. The Wurstkuchl is a  Historic Sausage Kitchen of Regensburg The 900-year-old building is notable for its role in catering for the workers who built the stone bridge over the Danube
The kitchen still operates today, and serves 6,000 sausages to guests daily. Sausages are the only item on the menu and come in portions of six, eight or ten, along with sauerkraut and mustard.

 Neupfharrplatz in Regensburg, one of the four X-mas markets in the centre of Town.
Christus Mansionem Benedicat: a blessing over the doorway of your home is typical in Bayern: 20 C+M+B+15. The letters have two meanings, they are also the initials of Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar.The inscription is made above the front door, so that all who enter and depart this year may enjoy God's blessing.

X-mas market in Abensberg, around the tower Hundertwasser. Very special and romantic in the evening. Lots and lots to eat.
Our friends Hubert and Sabine, very good in ballroom dancing: B-class now. Going for the A-international.

Little restaurant along the Donau, south of Regensburg

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Yvonne zei

Ziet er mooi uit daar en ook nog lekker weer zo te zien! Fijn om er even tussenuit te zijn in goed gezelschap!

Nana's Quilts zei

Wow - that looks lovely. Such a fun time for you.

Francis Gortmaker zei

Wat grappig, ik dacht dat die krijt letters op de deur een teken was dat de belastingen betaald waren... Nou, weer iets geleerd!