vrijdag 27 december 2013


 How did you spend your X-mas?

We had a pretty "lazy" X-mas. No cooking ; ) big dinners.

We spend some time in our summerhouse, and in the afternoon we left to my parents for dinner. Which was really relaxing after busy days for both of us at work.

In the Netherlands you have two X-mas days: First X-mas day and Second X-mas day. Second X-mas day my brother with his wife and children were also at my parents. It was really fun to catch up, and see the kids.

My sister and her family was in Austria, they got stucked on a mountain for 4,5 hours because of the wind. Lucky there was a good restaurant so they didn't get bored or starved.
My sister-in-law with her daughter,

Granddad, grandma, Chris, Promise and Nathaniel
My X-mas presents for my parents

Specially made to match with the sofa ; )
My holiday has started. I'm free from work till the second of januar. Then I will start my new job. I'm looking forward to it. I think 2014 will be full of new challenges.

Me and my brother

My dad and mum

Rob (my husband), Eka (my sister-in-law)

Almost traditionally for the second X-mas day: gourmet

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Marne zei

Lovely family photos. Thanks for sharing these. Looks like you all had a very pleasant day. Happy New Jear and we will chat soon.