dinsdag 31 december 2013

X-mas at Palace "Het Loo"

Don't get me wrong, we weren't invited by the royal family ; ).

Last day of 2013 we visited the exhibition "winterpalace"  X-mas trees and dishware. Really worthwhile!! You can still go till the 5th of januar. And if you have a museumcard it's for free.

The pictures are just an impression,  there is so much more to see. The different livingrooms and cabinets.

 Orange tree with treats in it. Typical for dinners of the  Royal family.
Queen Emma liked her X-mas tree with fake-snow on it. Prince Hendrik liked a "scandanavian" X-mas tree with straw figures in it. Queen Wilhelmina just wanted a small one, so she could decorate it herself without standing on a stair, or need the help of a servant. Willem III liked it his X-mas tree with oranges in it, and pine-apples. And Juliana once chose for a X-mas tree decoreated with little X-mas clocks in it with white paper.

Oranges, oranges tree, appeltjes van oranje

Dining table of Queen Wilhelmina.
Dining table of King Willem III and Queen Sophie, watch the pineapple, a symbol of welcome and hospitality.
Dining table, the evening before the inaugaration of King Willem-Alexander
X-mas tree of Willem III

Livingroom of Queen Emma, watch the crown in the X-mas tree

How about a sleigh ride in this Silver sleigh of Queen Emma.

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Martine zei

Te kort dag om daar nog heen te gaan maar leuk om foto's van de tentoonstelling te zien.