zondag 1 september 2013

Walking through Nuenen ..... village from Vincent van Gogh

His parents house
..... although he lived here only for two years (1883-1885) with his parents in the vicarage. He painted here one of his most famous paintings "de aardappeleters".

The village is like an open air museum.

He painted the little church, his dad was the vicar here,  for his mum in 1884 when she broke her leg.

As my friend Barbara said: NL is zo leuk. (so fun). It's true!!! So much to see and explore.

House of Margot Begeman, the girl next door he fell in love with.
De aardappeleters, finished in 1886
Park 65

And then there Park 65 in Nuenen, this house that has nothing to do with Vincent van Gogh. But between  1988 - 1995 we stayed here several times. The house was of the parents of a collegae of mine. One a year they had a family day. But her parents didn't like to leave the house unattended. So we took care of the house for a weekend. It's such a lovely house, her parents died long ago, but I think her brother is still living there. We peeked through the windows, and there was still the same furniture. Back to memory lane.

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