vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

A pilgrimage ...

 ........to Lommel (Belgium).

That's how it felt last friday. About 14 months ago we drove the same route to pick up Mies (our dog) from a shelter for homeless dogs in Lommel.

We didn't know anything about her. And I think we were pretty nervous. Would there be the "click" between us and the dog. Would she likes us. Would she behave herself.... well all that questions. Well it turned out great, see my previous posts. She is a lovely sweet dog.

But on our way to Lommel we discovered a beautiful Abbey close to Mol, the Postel Abdij. This time we had more time, and this time we didn't have to pick up a dog in Lommel, but just some antique dishware.

We enjoyed walking around and looking in the kitchen garden.

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Yvonne zei

Was Mies er ook bij om weer even haar geboortegrond onder haar pootjes te voelen? Fijn dat de 'adoptie' zo goed heeft uitgepakt. Heerlijke oude dag heeft Mies bij jullie!