zondag 20 januari 2013

What do you like ....

.... to do on a sunday morning? When it's still dark, lots and lots of snow around and the house, and a cold wind is blowing from the east. I like to get up early, get the teapot on the table, do some quilting, study a little bit. It's so quiet and peaceful. And the good thing is, you have a very long (quilt) sunday.

 1600 inch quilt 
This is my newest project, the 1600 inch quilt, you can find instructions here, also called spaghetti or lasagna quilt. As Marne and I would joke, it's a really an american quilt to make: quick and easy, sew and cut. And it's really true you could make it in less then a day, or maybe an afternoon if you use a jelly roll. I didn't use a jelly roll, but all the scraps I got from Ronda two years ago, they were already cut into 2,5 strips. Thanks Ronda I think they were waiting for this quilt. The quilt will be going to a friend of me who got cancer.

3 opmerkingen:

Petra zei

Het enige nadeel aan het kopje thee in combinatie met quilten is dat ik altijd per ongeluk mijn draadjes in de theemok gooi. Wat lief dat je die quilt voor je vriendin maakt. Fijne zondag verder, groetjes,

Nana's Quilts zei

Very nice. Maybe I will be inspired to do one of those quickly, myself. This morning I awoke very early and now have 7 out of 9 "B" blocks. Perhaps I will go take a photo or two before church. Very nice job. Have a good day visiting Grannie.

Ballardquilter zei

I was delighted to see a picture of what you created from the green strips.