zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

Spakenburger Quilt

This Spakenburger Quilt is the third finished quilt in Caro's Antique Quilt Collection. The big squares are all from dutch costume fabrics dated between 1900 - 1940, the small red-white blocks are not antique but represents the red and white of the scarfs the Spakenburger women wear.

The dark colours (purple and black) are the mourning fabrics, the blue and brown come from the blouses, and the flowerish fabrics are coming from the "krablappen" (the stiff part of the costume over the shoulder).

This quilt is very special for me, in the Netherlands is not easy to find dutch antique quilts, or find antique dutch fabrics. So I'm very happy that I could make this quilt. The patching is done with the machine, but the quilting is all done by hand. I love handquilting it makes your quilt soft and cozy. There are 143 blocks. The size of the quilt is: 128 cm x 152 cm (51 inch x 60 inch).

3 opmerkingen:

martine zei

Mijn favoriete stofjes.
Hij is prachtig geworden.

Nana's Quilts zei

Such a clever girl. Prima! You have done a very nice job and it looks great. In years to come, when you are very famous, I can say I knew you way back when you were still just beginning. :->

Petra zei

Gefeliciteerd met je prachtige quilt. Weer zo'n mooie met een prachtig verhaal erbij. Fijne zondag!