zondag 29 augustus 2010

Mary Koval

Mary Koval is an american lady, who collects and sells antique quilts. This week she was in the Netherlands giving a lecture in Zutphen (she's friend of Petra Prins, who got, I think one of the most lovely quiltshops in the Netherlands).

I loved the lecture!!! Mary knows very much about fabrics, and she got beautiful quilts with her to show us. She's a very very sweet lady, not only interested in her own quilts, but also likes to talk about your quilts, new or old. The theme this year was: 'grandmother flowers". So I took my "grandmothers flower quilttop" with me, to ask if it was really made it in the '30s. And yes, it even got a few feedsacks in it. You can image I was very happy with the news. Maybe she's coming next year for a workshop in Zutphen, well they can put me already on the list.

Yesterday, gave me lots of inspirations to go on with my own "antique quilt collection". MORE PHOTOS

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Nana's Quilts zei

Lovely, lovely. Yes, we shall certainly have to visit there. And I will keep my eyes out for Mary Koval. Really a lovely quilt show.

supergoof zei

bedankt voor de geweldige foto's! Ik baal echt als een stekker dat ik niet bij de lezing was,...
Maar jouw foto's maken me weer vrolijk!