maandag 23 augustus 2010

Kaffe Fassett Masterclass (6)

The Kaffe Fassett story is going on. As you know I finished the top 1,5 week ago.

My first idea was to make some pillows (idea from my friend Dieuwke), and use the leftovers for the back.

But for some reason I couldn't find any inspiration. So I thought I just buy a big piece of fabric for the back, and let it finish by the North Sea Quilters.
Then I thought, what I will I do with all those leftovers? Probably nothing for years. But still no progress.
This evening after a busy day at work, I felt inspiration coming up, and there it is, hanging again at my diningroom wall, the "back" of Kaffe Fassett. Just need a few more yards of fabric to finish it completely. And of course now it has to be sewn.

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