dinsdag 21 april 2009

Cycling and Patchwork

Rob was on a short holiday last week (wednesday till tuesday). On thursday and friday he had a congress in Maastricht. Friday-evening he started his cyclingtour together with his friend Tale. They made a cycling-tour through Belgium (Hasselt, Soersel) and the Netherlands (Middelburg, Ouddorp), back to The Hague. I think they cycled about 440 km. PHOTOS.
The weather was great, and lucky, most of the time they had the wind in their back.

Well what about me?
They left me alone with Paco (our dog). Time for some quilting. I used the whole house, fabrics, ironboards, patterns were standing everywhere. Saturday-night I was sewing till midnight. So I finished the top of this springquilt in one weekend. It's made from two charmpacks (5 inch) and two other fabrics, all bought at my favorite quiltshop: http://www.quilterspalet.nl/.
This quilt is for myself. It's called a split nine-patch, I love making these pattern. They're easy, the result is great and you can make a lot different patterns. I made the top with the sewing machine, I think quilting I will do by hand.

4 opmerkingen:

Petra zei

Hallo Caroline,
We hebben elkaar die zaterdag gezien dat Evy haar split nine patch op haar tafel had liggen. Ik vind dat je heel erg productief bent geweest en het resultaat is geweldig. Ik heb ook een charmpack uitgezocht voor deze quilt maar ben er nog niet aan begonnen.

Nana's Quilts zei

Yes, of course you have done a very nice job. Isn't it a wonderful pattern and the wonderful people who come to provide you with personal tutoring - perhaps I will have to find another good pattern and then come again to show you. Goed idea?

Nana's Quilts zei

Very nice photos. Looks like they had a great trip.

Jantine zei

Wat een schitterende quilt is die geworden! Heerlijk he, het hele huis voor jezelf en alleen je eigen rommel ;-).