zondag 2 maart 2008

Putten - Den Haag (The Hague)

Saturday 1th of march. The quiltbee I join in Putten is visiting me. The last time I saw them was at Helen's X-mas workshop. So it was really good to see everybody. I can't join this bee as much as I want, I hope summertime will be better. Of course we've started with a show-and-tell. Afterwards we went up-town. Visiting my favorite quiltshop in The Hague. After finishing coffee at Evy (Quilterspalet), buying some stuff and fabrics, we went for Parimar (bookshop with lot of quiltbooks). At 4 o'clock the RandstadRail brought us back home, unfortunetaly it was already time to go for the ladies. Next trip will be Rijswijk the 29 th March. Helen has made a lot of beautyfull pictures this day, you'll find the pictures and story on her weblog "Helen's Blog".

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