woensdag 14 november 2007

Quilting and moving

Last day in Almere, tomorrow at 08'clock in the morning, they start packing up our belongings. Rob is going with Paco to our new appartment, because we don't want Paco chasing after the men from the moving-company ; ).

We lived for 20 years in Almere (half of my life) and now it feels like making a new start in The Hague. Today it was just tidying up, cleaning the house, and throwing away things that seems to be no use.

But I still found some time to do a little quilting. This quilt will be my "welcome home" quilt in our new appartment. I borrowed the pattern from my quilt-friend Helen, she's making the same house, but I decided to change the pattern a little bit, so I placed a tree in it, instead of flowers., to make it my "own" quilt. Tonight we are invited for dinner with our friends Bart, Caroline and their kids Robert-Jan, Erik and Anoek in Almere.

2 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Hoi Caroline,

Heb je al eens een kaartcatalogus-quilt gezien?

Groetjes van Tale!

Evy zei

Heel veel sterkte morgen!
We wachten hier op je in Den Haag :)