woensdag 3 oktober 2007

Post from Bep

Today I received my first parcel post (pakjespost) from Atelier Bep. But I can't tell you what it is, because my friends Jacqueline and Tonnie, haven't received their parcel today. And it must be a suprise.

Parcel-post is great fun, for me it was the first time. Every month you receive a pattern and fabrics to make something. That can be anything. Tomorrow is my day off, so after finishing my star-quilt I'm going to start this project.

I like to make small things, as opposed to my friend Helen who really loves big projects, as you can see and read on her blog.

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Annelies zei

Ik heb ook mijn pakje van de pakjespost nog niet. Ik doe vanaf het begin mee en vind het heel erg gezellig. De dametjes heb ik ook gemaakt.