zondag 21 oktober 2007

Eight eight-pointed stars

This weekend I finally finished my eight-pointed stars quilt. The last thing to do saturday, was to put my name on it. It's a present for my mother, the 24th octobre she will be celebrating her 65th birthday. Today we celebrated it with the family. The quilt has eight stars, they're all different, and have beautyfull names: Blazing star, Liberty star, St. Louis Star, Circling Swallows, Castle Wall, Middle Ages, Broken Star and The Jewels in a frame. It took me more than an year to finish the quilt, it's completely made by hand.

2 opmerkingen:

Judith zei

Heel mooi geworden. Je envelopje is trouwens ook aangekomen. Dank je

Nana's Quilts zei

Thank you for your note on my blog. And your stars quilt is amazing. It is so beautiful. (heel, heel mooi) I am sure your mother will love it, very much.