zaterdag 20 februari 2016

Wonderful Gent

... thursday afternoon. On our way to Gent. Passing Antwerpen we were sick of all the highways and we decided to go country-road to Lokeren. 

The weather was so bad ..... raining cats and dogs. And we already had a dog in the car.
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First stop Lokeren .... what's in Lokeren .... well a very lovely quiltshop De Potterije. It's on my list again. And you know I felt like a real celeberity. Her shop is on the first floor ... and entering the shop .... feels like a suprise.
I have been brave girl and only bought fabric for granny.

15.00h back in the car on our way to Gent .......... a warm welcome in the
Blanche, Nadine and Monique were there to welcome me...... fun fun ...... having dinner together. Really good restaurant. And look at the yellow on the rooftop, wonderful shadows during summertime.

The excitement is growing. Empty room.. ... ....
.......... full house, 60 quiltladies from Belgium.


Friday together in Gent..... sunny and blue skies.

4 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

Such a celebrity. Very fun.

Yvonne zei

Dat ziet er uit als een heerlijk uitje! De dames hebben vast genoten van je quilts en verhalen!

Martine zei

Wij hebben genoten van je quilts en de vele verhaaltjes erachter.
fijn dat je Gent leuk vond en de Potterije in Lokeren is inderdaad een mooie winkel en Marleen een fantastische dame.

Laura Strating-Janssens zei

Ik gaf ook ooit daar een lezing, fijne groep mensen!!