zondag 29 november 2015

The good life on wednesday eve...

Stephanie in my apron.
... every wednesday eve we dinner together at our house. There are Dieuwke and Willem (always there), Alexine (almost everytime, sometimes with her daughter), Rob and me, and don't forget Mies, she is always happy when somebody comes. Wagging her tail.

Sometimes we have extra guests. Everybody is welcome on wednesday eve quilter or not. And there is always something in the pan to find.

I treasure these evenings, this is the good life.

Alexine and Stephanie, both very creathive

Els was coming along to do the binding. This is her first quilt, ever isn't it fantastic. All made from fabric she found in her stack. The elephants are from indian cushions, she didn't use. The circles are from a dress from her daughter.
Good things, there is always some who volunteers to do showing/modelling. Doesn't she look lovely in this apron. The pattern is made by Jeltje from the 100 roses. 
Wednesday evening project.

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