woensdag 17 juni 2015

Dear Jane

.....  no, no, I didn't start a new quiltproject. And surely not the Dear Jane. I admire all the girls that working at the Dear Jane and finish it. So brave!

I made just one block for Jeltje from the Quiltshop the '100 rozen' in Deventer. During the quiltdays 9-13 september in Deventer you can admire the "Dear Roses" in the synagoge. Hope to see you there.
Dutch apron

2 opmerkingen:

Yvonne zei

Weet je zeker dat je niet bent aangestoken door het virus? Mooi blokje hoor, ik hoop je te zien in Deventer, kom je binnenkort nog eens buurten op de Bee?

Nana's Quilts zei

Yeah - you may not want to start down that road to Dear Jane. They are beautiful but such a huge amount of work and dedication.