woensdag 15 april 2015

Easter weekend

Friday morning, we  started our Easter weekend with picking up our new car. And well it's blue again, but very very blue .... We both had a good laugh about it. .... . Of course I wanted to paint a quilt on it, but my husband had second thoughts about it ; ).
Typical colours of Staphorst
Saturday we drove direction Staphorst and Dalfsen. Three important things. The first one: saturday 25th of april I'm giving a show-and-tell in the Quiltpalace in Staphorst. Two just as much fun:  Dieuwke's aunt and oncle are having a a dog. It's a bordercollie called Bobbie and he is 1,5 years old. 

And because he is a border collie he thought that our sweet Mies was a sheep, so he wanted to herd her. No way Bobbie. Mies is very sweet but stubborn old lady.

And three, it's just fun driving around in your new car, and try everything out ; ).

Easter Sunday and Monday we spend in Epse at my parents. The weather was not too bad, but still we needed our wintercoats brrr brrrr.

I grew up in this little village and went to the primairy school here. 

So it was really fun to meet one of my classmates. She just saw my picture on the facebookpage: "Je bent een echte Epsenaar ...."

And what do the dutch do on their free day? They go cycling!!

My mum and I cycled along the annual 'Kunstroute Lochem' (Art tour). Every year with Easter local artists open their atelier for visitors. Don't you love those sculptures. 

Easter fire in Epse
When you are living in the east part of the Netherlands you have the traditional bonfires for Easter. Large fires are lit at dusk. It is a Saxon, pre-Christian tradition. The Saxons probably believed that around the time of Easter, Spring becomes victorious over Winter. Nowdays the events are sometimes big happenings, with a competition between the little villages.

Easter monday I picked up my quilt to spend some quilting time with Jeltje from the '100rozen' in Deventer. We talked about the quilting days in Deventer in september from the Quiltersgilde. It will be very interesting. If you want to know more: Quilts in Deventer

Take a bike, take a quilt, there we go the dutch quilter!

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Bed, breakfast en quilts zei

Mooi blauw is niet lelijk... En je past prachtig in het landschap rondom Staphorst met de blauwe boerderijen!

Nana's Quilts zei

Nice photos. Looks like it was a very fun weekend. Last day at Superfluity today then off with Saskia tomorrow.