zondag 1 februari 2015

Bloggersbee in Katwijk

Yvonne invited me for her bloggersbee to show me some of my antique quilts. Well of course I wanted to do that for Yvonne (she is such a sweet lady, and as well is her husband Alex, who helped me to get everything out of the car.)

After lunch 19 girls were waiting, which gave me that nice nervous feeling. Would they like my quilts and story.  I took 15 of my old quilts with me, dated from 1880 - 1954.

Thanks Mariƫlle, you made great pictures of me and my quilts.
And I loved your"randje en kantje'. Very orginal and inspiring.
I just love of old quilts and give those old quilts a home were they are treasured and taking care of.

My collection is a mix of old quilts, quilttops  and blocks. Some quilttops I just finished, knowing nothing about who made it. Some of my quilttops have a history like the Grace Quilt and the Sunbonnet Sue.

I turned old antique orphan blocks into new quilts, and they turned out lovely, there are so many possibilities and ideas. E-bay is wonderful place to buy these blocks, and really sometimes you can buy these blocks just for a couple dollars. I'm always thinking would the lady,  that orginally started this block or quilttop but couldn't finish for some reason, look down at me, and would she be happy to see her blocks finished. I believe so.

A special thanks to my dear friend Marne in Seattle, she's my 'personal shopper', and found some lovely blocks and tops during the church sale. And I have to blame her for it as well, six years ago I was with her and Ronda on a quiltshow in Monroe and there I found my first antique quilttop: a logcabin  from the thirties made from feedsack. But without her I couldn't do it.

And I must say I feel very flattered (and happy) all those girls making pictures of my quilts and writing lovely things on blogs and facebooks. Thank you so much, it means lot to me.

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Lieve meiden, hartelijk dank voor alle leuke blogberichtjes. Ik word er verlegen van. Mocht ik nog een link vergeten zijn, mail het alsjeblieft. Ik geniet van jullie foto's. En ja Judith, ik vind het hartstikke leuk om mijn quilts te laten zien, dus mensen neem vooral contact op. Zie mijn emailadres onderaan het bericht.

Picture made by Yvonne

Picture made by Yvonne

Picture made by Yvonne.

Feel free to contact me about my quilts for a show-and-tell at your home or shop. caroline.dijkerman@gmail.com

6 opmerkingen:

bep zei

Wat leuk Carolien dat je nu al je quilts aan iedereen kan showen, ik ben echt een bewonderaar van je quilts ,
Groetjes Bep

carina zei

Leuk je ontmoeting. En zwaar onder de indruk van al je werk om die oudjes in ere te herstellen en op een manier die mij wel aanspreekt. Gebruiken en aanraken! Groetjes Carina

martine zei

Het was heerlijk om je mooie quilts van zo dichtbij te zien en de verhalen erover te horen.
Groetjes Martine

Yvonne zei

Wat een leuk verslag, dank voor je lieve woorden, ik word er verlegen van! Je was de verrassing van de dag, wat hebben we genoten van je mooie quilts en wie weet wat hier weer uit voort gaat komen!

Nana's Quilts zei

What a great presentation you did. Obviously they loved it and seeing and hearing all about your quilts. Bravo to you!!!!!

Lida zei

Hallo Caroline,
Nogmaals bedankt voor een heerlijke middag, het was genieten zowel van jouw quilts als de verhalen die je erbij vertelde, groetjes