zondag 13 oktober 2013

It's quilting weather today .....

.... in the Netherlands, and especially in The Hague. They predict wind, rain and cold.

So quilters I would say hurrah!!!

 I have been doing some quilting the last weeks, but till this weekend the weather was so lovely that we spend a lot of time outside, walking the dog, cycling, drinking wine outside in the Theresiastraat. Enjoying the autumn sun.

I can't show you all my projects, because some of my finished projects are going to Seattle. And I don't want to spoil the suprise. Sorry Seattle-friends, still 5 weeks to go.
Work in progress
In the afternoon Emma is coming, and later on her husband and kids will join us for tea and dinner. I think I will make "snert" (literally translated "rubish"). But in the Netherlands it's another name for pea soup.

The "house quilttop" is almost finished, I'm working at the last border, one finished, three to go. Seems like a nice Featherweight project for this afternoon. The last border will be hourglasses.

Not to forget: We cycled to farm "Geertje" yesterday, needed some special things like pearjuice, cranberry juice and honey wine. Aren't those little piggies cute.

Farm / Boerderij Geertje, close to Leiden
Last sunday we visited a Nature reserve in Lelystad. I think the last time we were there was at least 10 years ago. It's lovely parc. You can make long walks, and it's free. You only have to pay three euro to park your car. So if you want to have a fun sunday, and don't want to spend a lot of money. This is a good idea. Dogs and bikes are allowed ; ).

Sun bathing otter family

Mies watching the wild cows in the reserve.

2 opmerkingen:

Yvonne zei

Wat mooi die ooievaar! Geertje is altijd leuk, voor groot en klein en ze verkopen er heerlijke producten! Wat ben je met mooie quilts bezig en dan ook nog voor Seattle! Maar goed dat het vandaag quiltweer is, veel plezier!

Nana's Quilts zei

Very nice and now I am very curious about what you are preparing to bring to Seattle. I especially like the quilt/hanging with the house and tree. Very nice. Perhaps you could bring that pattern.