maandag 17 mei 2010

Busy with old stuff!!

I like old stuff, just like my dad. I really like working on my old antique quilts.
My 1930 quilt is almost finished, just 1,5 border to goI used a quiltpattern with a kind of rooftiles wich is very traditional and often used in old quilts.

I washed and ironed my Spakenburger fabrics. Those fabrics are all from the period 1900 - 1940, and they were all used in their cloths. The lady on the picture helped me through the boxes with the fabrics. I cut them into 144 5x5 inch pieces. And then 576 1,75 inch squares from red/white new fabric. I''m going to make a snowball quilt of them, so it show all they fabrics. And then two weeks ago I finally found my "porcelain dogs". I think they're so cute. More old stuff at home.

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